Beer Can Chicken – pressure cooked WHOLE!

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There are several recipes the world over on the preparation of whole chickens. Some of these recipes are simple; while some others are complicated.

One of such chicken recipes is the beer can chicken pressure cooked whole recipe. It is a simple recipe; one that will make you and your guests salivating like never before.

This recipe is common in most American homes. Do you know what it takes to prepare this delicacy? What about the history behind this delicacy. What about the ingredients. The objective here is to get you educated on what it takes to prepare this delicacy.


The practice of this recipe started way back in the south. A beer can is placed inside a chicken and then cooked. Cooking your chicken in this form produces a tenderly cooked chicken.

From the backdrop of this experiment, cooks advanced the method for their pressure cooker resulting in the emergence of a special classic.


Do not try this recipe in a 4 quart pressure cooker- the conventional type. This is only useful only if you are dealing with an extremely small chicken. For the best rest, you will need a 6quart-8quart model guaranteed. It is advised that you get any of these cookers if you don’t have one already.


Your start here will begin with the preparation of the chicken. Cut apart the neck and the giblets. Rinse the bird in clean cold water and towel dry. That done, set the bird aside.

Place the chicken in your pressure cooker with the lid open. Turn on the button. Leave until chicken becomes brown. When it is brown, remove the chicken and set it aside.
Now to the beer can. With one third of the liquid content, deglaze the pressure cooker. With two bay leaves, one inside the pressure cooker with the other inside the beer can, place the bear can inside the pressure cooker.

Now to the chicken, cleverly lower it into the pressure cooker by ensuring that it is resting on top of the beer can. Cover the pressure cooker and subsequently turn on the heat.

Increase the temperature of the cooker to some high temperature. Allow the chicken to cook for up to between 20- 25 minutes. After these has been achieved, release the pressure cooker and allow it to cool. You can then depressurize the chicken.

Now you are almost done. Just as you were advised to expertly place the chicken on top of the can; it is also strongly advised that you take extra care in the removal of the chicken. The chicken is now very tender.

As a matter of rule, do not attempt to remove the chicken by the wings, you will mess things up if you do. Remove cleverly by the neck cavity. You will be able to get the equilibrium pull that will ensure that the chicken is pulled out in one whole piece.

Your chicken is now ready to be served. The top power pressure cooker can be purchased after reading the power pressure cooker review