5 Common Mistakes While Deep Frying Chicken


Deep fried chicken is a favorite dish for many.More often than not,we do find ourselves going out for those delicious diners and requesting for those super juicy and moist chicken from our favorite restaurants.They are so sweet that we never get enough of them moreso if the person who prepared them is skilled at their work.At times,we do wish to prepare deep fried chicken at home but due to different mistakes,we end up preparing something that we never imagined.The outcome is so disgusting that we never wish to prepare something of the sort ever again.However,if you are determined to preparing a hot,crunchy and sumptuous fried chicken that has been cooked to golden brown perfection,then you should make sure that you avoid the following five mistakes that most of us do make as we prepare deep fried chicken.


1. In most cases,we will store bought chicken in the fridge as it is highly perishable.When we decide to cook,people usually make a mistake of removing the chicken directly from the fridge into the oil.For it to be cooked perfectly,the oil should be heated to a certein temperature and therefore when we dip the freezed chicken directly into the oil,it means that it will drastically lower the temperature of the oil.This leads to the chicken not cooking evenly as it is supposed to.In addition to this,it will require more time for the chicken to be fully cooked.We are supposed to allow the chicken sometime for it to be at room temperature for around thirty minutes before we deep fry it.

2. The type of fryer that we use is also another problem that people make.Most of us will go for a clunky fryer.The problem with this type of fryer is that it will not be able to retain heat and therefore it will become a big challenge maintaining the exact temperature that you require.The best type is one that is heavy bottomed like a cast iron skillet.

3. Most of the amateur cooks will want to crowd the cooking pan with as much chicken as possible.They do think that with so doing,they will cook faster and save on fuel and so on.However,this usually lowers the temperature and thus more time will be required for the cooking to be complete.It is recommendable to place just enough sliced chicken breasts on the pan which will enable perfect cooking of the chicken.

4. The fourth mistake that we usually make is that we tend to shake off excess flour from the chicken.Instead of doing that,you are encouraged to pack on with more flour as it will result to a great craggy crust.

5. After all the work has been done and the chicken evenly deep fried,one should take utmost care before serving is done.Usually,people will make a mistake of eating the chicken as soon as it has been prepared whereby the chicken will be searing hot.You are required to wait for at least ten minuttes for it to cool.

If you are to observe the above points,then be ready to enjoy your meal that will be now cooked to perfection. Looking forward to buy one to cook this great recipe, then find the best deep fryer here.